Love It When Family Argues

This is what we have .... calling the opposition:

Pondan (effeminate)
Bangsat (bastard)
Bapok (transvestite)

First of all, is there anything wrong in being a bapok or pondan? It reflects totally on the prejudices, warped mind, uneducated misfits of those who utter those words and wanted them somehow to be "cruel and mocking" to the other person.

Of course Nga was wrong to call someone metallic black, ...  ingenious, but unnecessary. Good that he has apologised publicly. 

These are the people from the ruling party, aren't we glad we have such refined fuckers. You fucking morons, if you want to scold, scold properly .. you fucking mangkuks yang berhayun....

p/s  the language is getting coarser, the racial card is played a lot more, scare tactics abound... election must be fucking near


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